Integrate ChurnZero Token-Based Authentication for Success Centers




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    Afolabi Aiyeloja

    Updating SEO to make this easy to find form a search will be super helpful. Also not requiring to be logged in to view this page would help a ton.

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    Manuel Ridao

    We already have implemented an authentication which authenticates the user using a cookie attached to the request. This works fine in Chrome and Firefox, we can see the success center and it’s content no problem.

    However we have run into an issue with Safari. It seems Safari’s default privacy setting is to block third party cookies by default, so our cookie is not allowed to leave our domain and the authentication request fails. Therefore we can only use the success center in Safari if the user manually disables the setting ‘Prevent cross site tracking’ in the browser settings. Chrome and Firefox also have similar settings but they are disabled by default.

    It seems this has been Safari’s policy since 2020:
    And from what I have researched this seems to be the general direction in which the industry is moving. Chrome will also attempt to block third party tracking by the end of 2023:

    Is there any know workarounds for this? Or another form of authentication available?
    Also, considering the policy changes in third party cookies, is there something in Churnzero’s roadmap to address this issue?


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